Ever go on a ski holiday and think how dry your lips are and hands are? Fear not - Ruuby, London’s first digital beauty concierge, have imparted their beauty wisdom on how best to look after ourselves on the slopes and throughout these cold winter months.

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Although helmets are imperative when skiing, their downfall, is the of course dreadful “helmet hair.” One idea to avoid this is to tie your hair in a small bun at the nape of your neck and secure it with an invisible hair net for extra support. When the time comes for lunch or apres ski (our favourite!) undo the bun and your glorious, unscathed hair will be revealed (and no one will ever know you took a head-first tumble down the mountain, we won’t tell).

Product: The air at high altitude and in the cold weather is dryer than it is in summer so it’s a good idea to inject some moisture into your hair – especially before a trip to the mountains. Shu Uemura, Essence Absolute nourishing protective oil is your go to for this.

Ruuby Treatment: Oplex Treatment & Blow dry 


Don’t be fooled, your lips are extremely sensitive in the cold, you’ll need to be careful or they might end up being drier than your face. Mini facials for the lips are as important as having on the face. Exfoliating, cleansing, moisturising your lips at least once a week will make all the difference.

Product: Dry, chapped lips are never a good look and unfortunately the wind and dry air on the slopes mean that this nasty look is often highly probable. Try the Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream SPF15.

Ruuby Treatment: Cosmetic injectables 


Amongst the alterations in temperature between the slopes and the cozy chalets, the hands will no doubt take a hit. Hand cream has long been a saviour of sore, cracked skin that has fallen victim to the cold weather. We also recommend applying cuticle oil around each cuticle everyday before popping your ski gloves on. Stops any split hang nails and also helps with circulation.

Product: Connock London Hand Cream is a must.

Ruuby Treatment: Gel manicure 


Yes, your skin has had fresh air all day in the alps, but remember, you’ve been sweating and have most probably had a combination of sun, snow, sleet, wind, rain or all of the above against your face. Your face will need deep nourishing and a truly invigorating facial to keep the skin in top shape.

Product: Dr Murad Multi vitamin oil 

Ruuby Treatment: The Murad Method facial really will prep and rescue your skin.


Even if you get through the entire ski holiday without falling once (we salute you) there are sure to be a few aches and pains. Reviving tired muscles with a massage is basically the best you can ask for.

Product: Aromatherapy Associates - Deep Relax Bath oil 

Ruuby Treatment: Ruuby's Deep tissue post ski massage is truly to die for and nothing can beat it after a day on the slopes.