It’s not natural to think that going skiing in the mountains has much in common with enjoying some time on the beach... yes, they are both great places to have some fun but they are also places where it’s important to protect your skin. Here’s why...

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When hitting the slopes, one should not underestimate the power of the winter sun, even in the freezing cold. The higher up in the mountains you are, the higher the UV intensity is. This is because there is less atmosphere above to absorb the UV rays. Snow then further increases exposure to UV rays, since it reflects the sun’s rays - straight on to you. Goggle marks anyone?

On a serious note, although it’s very easy to dismiss sun protection on the mountains and think you are fine because your eyes and head are covered, exposure to UV rays and getting sunburnt have been shown to increase the risk of getting potentially deadly melanomas and subsequently skin cancer… and this applies to the mountain - not just the beach!

The bright side, literally, is that you can easily protect your face and eyes from the sun. The first measure is to wear sun protective clothing, like a neck fleece pulled up or a balaclava if it’s cold.  Eyewear is also incredibly important. Choose sunglasses or goggles that are labelled as UV400. Sunglasses in this category block close to 100% of all UVA and UVB rays and you certainly want to protect your eyes!

You should also apply sunscreen on all areas of your face that you cannot cover otherwise. It is crucial that you choose a sunscreen that has at least SPF 30 (which protects you from 97% of all UVB rays) and offers broad spectrum protection. The best is to use a mineral sunblock that provides efficient broad spectrum protection and is gentle on your skin. We recommend Suntribe's zinc sunscreens, which are not only highly effective, safe & kind on skin but they are also safe for the planet. Their sun creams are biodegradable, made from natural & organic ingredients and cruelty free.

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Another area that mustn't be neglected is the lips. Just as crucial as all the other areas of the face, the lips should not only be moisturised in the mountains, given how the cold weather conditions make them dry up, but SPF should also be applied to keep harmful UV rays at bay. Our favourite brand is Albus & Flora - their beautiful products are made from pure botanicals and all contain SPF 30, protecting against harmful UVA & UVB rays. What we love most is that they come in a range of lovely colours, giving your lips a lovely tint in the mountain as well as protecting them and keeping them ultra-moisturised!

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